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苹果全新iPad抢鲜评测 给你一个买Air 2或mini 3的理由

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本文摘要:Apple unveiled new iPads at the tech giant’s Cupertino, Ca. headquarters on Thursday. Fortune had 30 minutes to try them both out. While Apple clearly fine-tuned last year’s models — one much more than the other — instead of entirely remak


Apple unveiled new iPads at the tech giant’s Cupertino, Ca. headquarters on Thursday. Fortune had 30 minutes to try them both out. While Apple clearly fine-tuned last year’s models — one much more than the other — instead of entirely remaking them, the latest iPads seemingly uphold company’s reputation for making quality products.周四,苹果公司(Apple)在加州库比蒂诺总部公布了全新iPad。《财富》杂志(Fortune)花上半小时试用了这两款新品。

尽管看上去,苹果只是大幅度升级了去年的老款——其中一款升级幅度更大,这并不是一次完全的产品革新,但新款iPad的品质对得起苹果的名声。The iPad Air 2:iPad Air 2:What the iPad Air 2 lacks in sheer novelty, it makes up for with tweaks across the board. The new 9.7-inch tablet looks a lot like last year’s model, but manages to be 18% slimmer — a design feat that makes the iPad Air 2 thinner than a pencil. It’s the thinnest tablet on the market. (“Can you even see it?” Tim Cook quipped at the unveiling.) A new screen cuts glare and reflections by roughly half, according to Apple. And now there’s Touch ID, the same fingerprint scanning technology found in last year’s iPhone 5s that lets users unlock their devices by placing a finger on the home button.尽管iPad Air 2缺少创意亮点,但却展开了全面的小幅升级。

这款全新的9.7英寸平板与去年的老款看上去别无二致,但却轻巧了18%——这使它比一支铅笔还厚,沦为市面上最厚的平板(蒂姆o库克在发布会上打趣称之为:“你还能看见它吗?”)据苹果公司称之为,全新的屏幕使炫光和镜片增加近半。同时它也配备早先Touch ID,也就是去年亮相iPhone 5S的指纹扫瞄技术,用户把手指放到Home键上就可以关卡。The rest of the iPad Air’s improvements are beneath the hood: a faster processor and graphics chip, a Burst mode feature that quickly snaps a series of photos and more storage on iPad models priced $599 and above. It will be available starting Oct. 24.iPad Air的其他改良都在意料之中:更慢的处理器和图形芯片,能较慢抓拍多张照片的Burst模式,定价599美元及以上的机型拥有更大存储空间。


10月24日起,新的iPad Air开始拒绝接受预约。All those nips and tucks won’t blow users away, but they do add up to a better experience overall for iPad users. Apps open faster, websites load more quickly and a graphics-heavy driving video game I tried zipped by. As for that new screen? It cuts down on glare and reflections, but I only appreciated the effect when I placed the tablet alongside the iPad Mini 3 under a lamp. It’s there, but far more subtle than I expected.所有这些小幅升级都会让用户深感精彩,但它们整体上显然让iPad用户的用于体验更佳了。

应用于关上得更慢,网站读取速度更加慢,我试玩版的一款有大量图形界面的游戏也运营得飞快。而新的屏幕究竟如何呢?它堪称大幅度增加了炫光和镜片,但只有当我把它放到灯下的一台iPad Mini 3边上时,才能感受到这种效果。显然有一定效果,但颇高我期望的那么显著。

The iPad mini 3:iPad mini 3:If the larger iPad received something of a face lift this year, its smaller sibling got a half-hour facial. Available Oct. 24, the iPad mini 3 is more portable thanks to its 7.9-inch size, but there’s very little new here besides the addition of Touch ID. Sure, it comes in gold now, as well as silver and “space gray,” but so does the iPad Air 2. And yes, the iPad Mini 3 offers more storage on models priced $499 and over, but again, the iPad Air 2 does that, too.如果说体型较小的iPad今年却是做到了点“整容”的话,那它的小姐妹就不能说道做到了半小时的“脸部水土保持”了。iPad mini 3也是10月24日预售,7.9英寸的迷你身材让它精彩便携,但除了特了个Touch ID之外,它就没有多少升级了。显然它现在有土豪金、银色和“太空灰”几个颜色了,但iPad Air 2也这样。


此外,定价499美元及以上的iPad Mini 3存储空间更大了,但iPad Air 2某种程度如此。In fact, the iPad mini 3 is virtually identical to last year’s model down to the dimensions, processor and camera, so much so that handling the device gave me déjà vu. Compared to the Air 2, it’s noticeably thicker, runs significantly slower and lacks the Air 2’s glare-resistant screen. It’s still a solid, affordable tablet — it just doesn’t offer much that’s new.实质上,iPad mini 3在尺寸、处理器和摄像头等方面和去年的老款完全一模一样,以至于拿着这台“新款”给我一种似曾相识的错觉。跟Air2比起,它似乎更加薄,运营速度慢得多,也没Air 2那块以防炫光的屏幕。它依然是一款低廉轻巧的平板——只是没什么新的东西罢了。

Conclusion:结论:To say that Apple AAPL -1.31% served up “more of the same” with its new iPads would be right and wrong. It improved the larger iPad just enough so users will pick up on things like faster performance, a thinner body and a screen that’s easier to read. A good chunk of the 225 million iPad users already out there will find those features worth upgrading for.要说苹果这两款新的iPad获取了“大同小异的特色”,这话既对也拢。大些的那款改良较小,所以用户不会注意到运营更加慢、体型更加轻巧、屏幕看上去更加精彩等新的特性。iPad 有数的2.25亿用户中,大部分不会实在这些特性是有一点为之买单的。

But the iPad mini 3 seems to take a lesson from the plasticky iPhone 5c: for the most part, it’s last year’s model masquerading as something new. In other words: iPad Air 2 might not be revolutionary, but it’s evolutionary. The mini 3? It’s not even that.但iPad mini 3或许从那款塑料感觉极强的iPhone 5c身上教给了教训:在相当大程度上,它就是去年的老款伪装成了新款。换言之:iPad Air 2或许算不上革命性产品,但它还是大有改良的。但mini 3呢?它连这点都谈不上。